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[movies]alshpap - احمد غفر الله له و لوالديه
Keywords: ahmad
Downloads: 8 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]DrupalCon Chicago 2011 - Closing Plenary - DrupalCon Chicago 2011
Find out about DrupalCon London, DrupalCon North America 2012, and more in the closing session of DrupalCon Chicago!
Keywords: drupalcon chicago 2011; drupalcon; drupal; closing session
Downloads: 378
[movies]The inner guts of Bitbucket
This talk is about Bitbucket's architecture. Leaving no stone unturned, I'll be covering the entire infrastructure. Every component, from web servers to message brokers and load balancing to managing hundreds of terabytes of data. Since its inception in 2008, Bitbucket has grown from a standard, modest Django app into a large, complex stack that while still based around Django, has expanded into many more components...
Downloads: 1
[movies]packaging and testing with devpi and tox
The talk discusses the following tools: - devpi-server for running an in-house or per-laptop python package server - inheritance between package indexes and from public packages - the "devpi" client tool for uploading docs and running tests - running of tests through tox - summary view with two work flows: open source releases and in-house per-company developments - roadmap and in-development features of devpi and tox (The presenter is the main author of the tools in question).
Downloads: 5
[movies]Lightning Talks

Keywords: python; pydata; pydataberlin2014
Downloads: 6
[movies]Automatic code reviews
Static analysis tools are a great idea in theory, but are not often really used in practice. These tools usually require quite a lot of initial effort to get set up in a way which produces meaningful output for you or your organisation's particular coding style and values. As a result, it's common to see initial enthusiasm replaced by ignoring the tools. Such tools can be incredibly beneficial however, and even go so far as to provide an automatic code review, and this talk will explain what kin...
Downloads: 3
[movies]Metaprogramming, from decorators to macros
This talk is a journey in the wonderful world of metaprogramming. We start off with the meaning of metaprogramming and what it can be used for. Then we look at what can be done in Python, introducing function and class decorators. When decorators are not enough anymore we move to the black magic of metaclasses, showing how we can implemement a simple Django-like model with them. In the bonus track we'll talk about macros, as the ultimate metaprogramming weapon, showing briefly how Lisp macros wo...
Downloads: 5
[movies]SQLAlchemy Drill
In this talk will introduce the audience to SQLAlchemy in a well structured way, so that basic concepts are understood. I will demonstrate the basic workings of : - the SQL generation layer - the DDL generation - the ORM - the session - transactions Both the working of SQLAlchemy as well as best practices in using SQLAlchemy will be demonstrated. This talk will be a combination of slides and interactive code editing in IPython...
Downloads: 3
[movies]Extract Transform Load using mETL
mETL is an ETL package written in Python which was developed to load elective data for Central European University. Program can be used in a more general way, it can be used to load practically any kind of data to any target. Code is open source and available for anyone who want to use it. The main advantage to configurable via Yaml files and You have the possibility to write any transformation in Python and You can use it natively from any framework as well...
Keywords: python; pydata; pydataberlin2014
Downloads: 1
[movies]Morepath: a Python Web Framework with Super Powers
[Morepath]( is a new server web framework written with modern, rich client web development in mind. In the talk I will be discussing some core features of Morepath that make it different: * Its different take on routing and linking. Morepath has support to help you construct hyperlinks to models. * Its view system: plain views, generic views, view composition. * Morepath's approach to application construction allows application extension and overriding, and compos...
Downloads: 3
[movies]gevent: asynchronous I/O made easy
It has been claimed "Callbacks are the new GOTO". Most asynchronous IO libraries use callbacks extensively. gevent ( uses coroutines to provide highly scalable asynchronous I/O with a synchronous programming model that doesn't need code changes and callbacks. By elegantly monkey patching the Python standard library, both your code and all pure Python libraries become asynchronous too, making a separate collection of protocol implementations (in the style of Twisted) unneces...
Downloads: 3
[movies]Exploring Patent Data with Python
Experiences from building a recommendation engine for patent search using pythonic NLP and topic modeling tools such as Gensim.
Keywords: python; pydata; pydataberlin2014
Downloads: 5
[movies]Support Python 2 and 3 with the same code
Your library supports only Python 2, - but your users keep nagging you about Python 3 support? As Python 3 gets adopted more and more, users ask for Python 3 support in existing libraries for Python 2. This talk mentions some approaches for giving users a Python 3 version, but will quickly focus on using the very same code for a Python 2 and a Python 3 version. This is much easier if you require Python 2.6 and up, and yet a bit easier if you require Python 3.3 as the minimum Python 3 version...
Downloads: 3
[movies]Identifying Bugs Before Runtime With Jedi
Jedi ([][1]) is an autocompletion library for Python that has gained quite a following over the last year. There are a couple of plugins for the most popular editors (VIM, Sublime, Emacs, etc.) and mainstream IDEs like Spyder are switching to Jedi. Jedi basically tries to redefine the boundaries of autocompletion in dynamic languages. Most people still think that there's no hope for decent autocompletion in Python...
Downloads: 3
[movies]Dealing With Complexity
Keywords: python; pydata; pydataberlin2014
Downloads: 1
[movies]Twisted Names: DNS Building Blocks for Python Programmers
# Description My talk will consist of four main sections. Given the 30 minute time constraint, I may shorten or drop the two introductory parts in favour of the narrative and demonstration of interesting new APIs and code examples in the final two parts. My experience of delivering a similar talk at PyconUK 2013 is that those are the parts that will most interest the audience and prompt most audience questions...
Downloads: 4
[movies]تتمة -السحاب -تقدم : الجزء الثاني - انجليزي - من الإصدار الضخم - جاء الحق وزهق الباطل - قناة شموخ الإسلام
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم مؤسسة السحاب للإنتاج الإعلامي ادارہ السحاب برائے نشرو اشاعت ِAs-sahab Mediaتـُـقــدمپیش کرتے ہیںPresents الإصدار المرئي الضخم |( جــــاءَ الـحــــــقُ و زهــــقَ الــبـــاطــــلُ )|Truth has come andFalsehood has perished
Keywords: تتمة ؛السحاب ؛تقدم ؛ الجزء ؛الثاني ؛ انجليزي ؛من؛ الإصدار؛ الضخم ؛جاء ؛الحق ؛وزهق ؛الباطل
Downloads: 178
[movies]pymove3D Winner Announcement
The pymove3D competition was running until May 1st, 2014 ( In this session, the winners will be announced.
Downloads: 4
[movies]Conference Closing
The talk will start from describing the setup we had for the last 7 years, i.e. Apache with mod_wsgi for Python projects and mod_php4/5 for PHP projects + nginx. I will explain why we used this setup for so long time, what problems we faced with this setup and what solutions we tried to solve them before switching to uWSGI. Then I will tell about uWSGI, what it is, how it works and what features it has...
Downloads: 2
[movies]Design considerations while Evaluating, Developing, Deploying a distributed task processing system
Most of us have our own set of application which require tasks to happen in a distributed fashion or in an asynchronous manner.This talk is going to focus on key aspects of a distributed task processing system, the functionalities, the command and control centre is should offer. Every design consideration that I am planning to discuss, will follow with how it is done in Celery. Along with What Celery is and it's architecture few design choices I am looking forward to discuss are as following : *...
Downloads: 1
[movies]Intro to ConvNets
We will give an introduction to the recent development of Deep Neural Networks and focus in particular on Convolution Networks which are well suited to image classification problems. We will also provide you with the practical knowledge of how to get started with using ConvNets via the cuda-convnet python library.
Keywords: python; pydata; pydataberlin2014
Downloads: 2
[movies]Design Your Tests
* Life span of a test * 5 minute - why does this fail? * 5 day - what is this missing? * 5 week - do I have coverage for this? * 5 month - what's *not* causing this bug? * Transparent simplicity * one or two "iceberg" layers for meaning * Higher-order assertions - build collections of state that have meaning for the domain in the tests * bulk of the details are in the code itself * show an example * grouping for organization * Mixins * show an example * unittest issues * assertion/mixin clutter ...
Downloads: 3
[movies]Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Memory in Python But Were Afraid to Ask
This talk will cover basics of CPython memory usage. It will start with basics like objects and data structures representation. Then advanced memory management aspects, such as sharing, segmentation, preallocation or caching, will be discussed. Finally, memory profiling tools will be presented.
Downloads: 3
[movies]Using All These Cores: Transactional Memory in PyPy
PyPy is a fast alternative Python implementation. Software Transactional Memory (STM) is a current academic research topic. Put the two together --brew for a couple of years-- and we get a version of PyPy that runs on multiple cores, without the infamous Global Interpreter Lock (GIL). The current research is based on a recent new insight that promises to give really good performance. The speed of STM is generally measured by two factors: the ability to scale with the number of CPUs, and the amou...
Downloads: 1
[movies]Panel: The challenges and frontiers of data science in Europe

Keywords: python; pydata; pydataberlin2014
Downloads: 1
[movies]Combining the powerful worlds of Python and R
pyRserve is a small open source project originally developed to fulfill the needs of a German biotech company to do statistical analysis in a large Python-based Lab Information Management System (LIMS). In contrast to other R-related libraries like RPy where Python and R run on the same host, pyRserve allows the distribution of complex operations and calculations over multiple R servers across the network...
Downloads: 5
[movies]pymove3D - Python moves the world - Attractive programming for young people.
A new concept based on learning programming using the Python API of Blender makes it very easy to get visible objects created. [Learning]( of object oriented programming is much easier that way. Objects you have created are visualized. By methods you can interact with them and you get in time results shown...
Downloads: 7
[movies]PyPy status talk (a.k.a.: no no, PyPy is not dead)
In this talk we will present the current status of PyPy, with a particular focus on what happened in the last two years, since the last EuroPython PyPy talk. We will give an overview of the current speed and the on-going development efforts, including but not limited to: - the status of the Just-in-Time Compiler (JIT) and PyPy performance in general; - the improvements on the Garbage Collector (GC); - the status of the NumPy and Python 3 compatibility subprojects; - CFFI, which aims to be a gene...
Downloads: 4
[movies]Practical PyBuilder
# Why another build tool Starting up a simple python project with best practices still takes a lot of boilerplate and glueing (e.G. chaining unit tests and integration tests in the build process, adding a linter, measuring coverage, ...). It often results in extremely ugly homebrew scripts and edge-case solutions that are not reusable. There are even programs out there (e.G. cookiecutter) that encourage boilerplate code generation! # Build orchestration PyBuilder borrows from the *maven* idea of...
Downloads: 5
[movies]Advanced Uses of py.test Fixtures
This talks will assume some basic familiarity with the py.test testing framework and explore only the fixture mechanism. It will build up more complex examples which will lead up to touching on other plugin features of py.test. It is expected people will be familiar with python features like functions as first-class objects, closures etc.
Downloads: 5
[movies]Non Sequitur: An exploration of Python's random module
# Audience Non mathematical people who wants a better understanding of Python's random module. # Objectives The audience will understand pseudorandom number generators, the properties of Python's Mersenne Twister and the differences and possible use cases between the distributions provided by the `random` module. # The talk I will start by talking about what randomness means and then about how we try to achieve it in computing through pseudorandom number generators (5 min.) I will give a brief o...
Downloads: 5
[movies]Pandas' Thumb: unexpected evolutionary use of a Python library.
Lawyers are not famed for their mathematical ability. On the contary - the law almost self-selects as a career choice for the numerically-challenged. So when the one UK tax that property lawyers generally felt comfortable dealing with (lease duty) was replaced with a new tax (stamp duty land tax) that was both arithmetically demanding and conceptually complex, it was inevitable that significant frustrations would arise...
Keywords: python; pydata; pydataberlin2014
Downloads: 4
The Python DB-API 2.0 provides a direct interface to many popular database backends. It makes interaction with relational database very straight forward and allows tapping into the full set of features these databases provide. The talk will cover advanced database topics which are relevant in production environments such as locks, distributed transactions and transaction isolation. ---- The talk will give an in-depth discussion of advanced database programming topics based on the Python DB-API 2...
Downloads: 4
[movies]Yesod 1.0 Introductory Screencast - Michael Snoyman
Michael Snoyman, creator of the Yesod web framework, gives an introductory screencast to version 1.0 of the software. Originally published at
Keywords: yesod; haskell; screencast
Downloads: 36
[movies]DrupalCon Chicago 2011 - Distribution deli - Ferdinand Alimadhi, Dick Olsson, Bryan Hirsch, Wilbur Ince, Jay Batson
How do you harness the flexibility of Drupal without sacrificing ease of use and user appeal? How do you tap into the Drupal expertise from other users in your industry? A Drupal Distribution may be the answer for you! In this session, you will learn about four different Drupal distributions. Each has a different focus, but they all aim to make Drupal easier to understand, use, and support. Attend this session to learn about how Distributions work, and how one of them might work for you.
Keywords: drupalcon; drupalcon chicago 2011; drupal; beginner; implementation and config; distributions
Downloads: 410
[movies]DrupalCon Chicago 2011 - Designing for Mobile - Steve Fisher
Wired magazine said the web is dead. Well, they were wrong, but it is becoming a lot more mobile. Does that mean that we need to change how we design interfaces? Absolutely. I've been tackling mobile interfaces and designs and want to share the goods with you! In this session I cover what is means to design for a mobile context and how to create stunning designs that communicate well across devices...
Keywords: Drupalcon Chicago 2011; drupalcon; Drupal; Beginner; Design and UX
Downloads: 853
[movies]Managing the Cloud with a Few Lines of Python
"One of the advantages of cloud computing is that resources can be enabled or disabled dynamically. E. g. is an distributed application short on compute power one can easily add more. But who wants to do that by hand? Python is a perfect fit to control the cloud. The talk introduces the package Boto [0] which offers an easy API to manage most of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) as well as a number of command line tools...
Downloads: 8
[movies]DrupalCon Chicago 2011 - Drupal 7: Interface Patterns - Roy Scholten
There are more interface patterns available to Drupal module developers then ever before. Drupal has standards for writing code. But what about the interface? Join Bojhan Somers and Roy Scholten from the UX-Team for high-level tour through the available options and gain insight into how to build a usable interface. We will cover the following topics : * Information architecture * Designing complex interfaces * Case: Configure, listing, navigation * UI Patterns We'll have a look at a couple modul...
Keywords: drupalcon chicago 2011; drupalcon; drupal; user interface; intermediate; design and ux
Downloads: 605
[movies]Interactive Analysis of (Large) Financial Data Sets
Keywords: python; pydata; pydataberlin2014
Downloads: 4
[movies]Elasticsearch from the bottom up
## Who I am and motivation I work with hosted Elasticsearch and have interacted with lots of developers. We see what many struggle with. Some relevant theory helps a lot. What follows has already lead to many "Aha!"-moments and developers piecing things together herself. ## The inverted index The most important index structure is actually very simple. It is essentially a sorted dictionary of terms, with a list of postings per term...
Downloads: 5
[movies]Drupalcon Chicago 2011 - This is horribly broken, how can we fix it? - Gábor Hojtsy
Have you encountered a moment ever using Drupal when you found your work broken due to Drupal core or some module? Managed to track down the cause outside of your code and configuration? Great, you can get it fixed for yourself! But that is not gonna be sustainable for your project's future. How can you get that fixed for others as well and how will you get fixes contributed by others? As the saying goes "Drupal never sleeps", so you can get feedback on your fixes while you are commuting or watc...
Keywords: drupalcon chicago 2011; drupalcon; drupal; community; fixes; beginner; patch; documentation
Downloads: 271
[movies]DrupalCon Chicago 2011 - Paying for the plumbing - Allie Micka, Grace Francisco, Carol Smith, Robert Douglass
As Drupal grows, there are a variety of ways to get module and other development funded. Corporate support, educational programs, and grants are all becoming increasingly common. This panel discussion focuses on the ways in which Drupal developers can 'Pay for the Plumbing' outside of the traditional client services model.
Keywords: Drupalcon Chicago 2011; drupalcon; drupal; intermediate; Drupal community; funding
Downloads: 206
[movies]DrupalCon Chicago 2011 - Drupal Summit - A New Drupal Conference Paradigm - Jared Stoneberg
One of the largest early impacts on my Drupal experience was attending a Drupal camp. Drupal camps have grown and become wildly popular and for good reason- they are awesome. In the Pacific Northwest we have developed a new model that has evolved from our successful camp history- a conference for Drupal professionals. Come hear where this idea came from, what we have learned after 2 years of running the conference and why we think serving the Drupal community looks different today than it used t...
Keywords: drupalcon chicago 2011; drupalcon; drupal; intermediate; drupal community; summit
Downloads: 229
[movies]Using asyncio (aka Tulip) for home automation
This talk will cover the new asyncio library in Python 3.4 (also known as Tulip) and will use the area of home automation as a case study to explore its features. This talk will be based on code using Python 3.3+. Home automation is a growing area and the number of devices and potential applications is huge. From monitoring electricity usage to the temperature inside or outside your house to remote control of lights and other appliances the options are almost endless...
Downloads: 3
[movies]Creative Commons' Role in the Global Commons Movement - Creative Commons Poland
Creative Commons Global Summit 2011, Warsaw Saturday (2011-09-17) 15:30 - 14:50 "The global commons movement is much, much bigger than just CC (that's a great thing). What is and ought to be CC's role as infrastructure and advocates for like movements - such as free software, open culture and the those protecting and expanding the intellectual and tangible commons - and vice versa? What specific actions ought the CC community take, from advocacy to shaping of our legal tools, to better leverage ...
Keywords: creative commons; ccsummit2011; commons; movement; wikimedia; tyng-ruey chuang; leonhard dobusch; silke helfrich; mike linksvayer; kat walsh
Downloads: 32
[movies]Breaking Boxes with Brian
Instead of doing real work, i built a small wall out of boxes and proceeded to smash through them. The video is very short, running only 4 seconds. Your challenge is to remix this video in any way, shape, form that you can think of. Then post the results back up to YouTube so we can all share the experience. To make sure we can all find your results, please tag the remixed videos with 'briansuda' and 'bbb'...
Keywords: boxes; briansuda; brian suda; box wall; break through boxes
Downloads: 439
[movies]Lightning Talks
A lightning talk is a short talk, typically only five minutes in duration, providing an opportunity for participants - particularly people not featured in the main programme - to deliver a presentation on a subject of their choosing. Speakers need to sign up before the session on the conference website.
Downloads: 4
[movies]DrupalCon Chicago 2011 - Test, Tune, Tweak, Hack, Repeat: Industrial-strength Performance and Scalability - Matt Butcher, Theresa Summa
Yeah, sure... your site is slow. But why? How do you find out? And what are you going to do about it when you do find out? In this session the development team at (one of the largest Drupal sites out there) discusses performance and scalability issues we've faced and how we've addressed them. We'll be sharing how we tested, tuned, tweaked, and hacked Drupal and our environment to squeeze as much performance out of it as we could...
Keywords: drupalcon chicago 2011; drupalcon; drupal; coder; intermediate
Downloads: 452
[movies]Drupalcon Chicago 2011 - SESSION LIST Drupal Usability for Developers: How to Get Real People to Love Your Work - David Rothstein, Gábor Hojtsy
Do you want the code you write to have an amazing user interface, one that allows site administrators to actually appreciate your module's awesome under-the-hood functionality, rather than (a) clicking around in vain before giving up and running away, or (b) constantly asking you for help? Fortunately, you're not alone. The Drupal community has put a lot of effort into usability improvements in Drupal 7 core, and even bigger improvements are happening in the Drupal 7 contrib space and will happe...
Keywords: drupalcon chicago 2011; drupalcon; drupal; usability; intermediate; code; coder
Downloads: 316
[movies]How we switched our 800+ projects from Apache to uWSGI
The talk will start from describing the setup we had for the last 7 years, i.e. Apache with mod_wsgi for Python projects and mod_php4/5 for PHP projects + nginx. I will explain why we used this setup for so long time, what problems we faced with this setup and what solutions we tried to solve them before switching to uWSGI. Then I will tell about uWSGI, what it is, how it works and what features it has...
Downloads: 5
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